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The Collectors Club

Melody in Motion cordially invite you to participate in the magic and receive exciting membership benefits.

FREE Gift Exclusively for Society Members!
Crafted with flawless artistry and great attention to detail, you will receive a distinctive hand-made and hand-painted figurine. If it were available at retail, it would sell for $45.00 or more.
Melody In Motion Members Only Figurine.
You will receive a Melody In Motion Redemption Certificate that entitles you to purchase a Collectors Society figurine created exclusively for members. By joining the Society now, you will be among the only collectors who will own this rare, premier piece.
Your Personal Membership Card.
Your personalized membership card entitles
you to all the benefits of membership.
Members Only Coupon.
You will receive a $10.00 members only coupon, as well as other special offers, which can be applied to the purchase of any MIM figurine, except the Members Only Figurine.
Complimentary Annual Subscription to the Melody Notes Newsletter.
Published twice a year, the Melody Notes Newsletter provides information on collecting opportunities such as new issues and soon-to-be-retired pieces. It also previews exclusive and limited edition introductions and artist signing events.
Enroll Today and Enjoy the Privileges of Membership!
Whether you're just beginning, or adding to an existing treasured collection, you'll find your membership informative, enjoyable and a rewarding investment for the future.

Exclusive Melody In Motion 2005 Yearbook.
You will receive the latest full-color Melody In Motion 2005 Yearbook. Each piece is beautifully photographed and described in detail.
Choose One of the following:
Call us at 1-877-635-6390 and request an application.
The fastest way is to print our application form (pdf file) here, and drop it in the mail or fax it.

These are non-animated, non-musical replicas are our gifts to you for annual membership renewal. Valued at $45.00 each if available at retail!
Willie the Trumpeter
Item: #07313
Issued: 2004

Willie The Rider
Item: #07310
Issued: 2001

Item: #07308
Issued: 1999

Willie Sez
Item: #07306
Issued: 1997
Best Friends
Item: #07304
Issued: 1995

Charmed Bunnies
Item: #07302
Issued: 1993
On The Road Again
Item: #07312
Issued: 2003

Y2K Willie
Item: #07309
Issued: 2000

Purr-Fect Harmony
Item: #07307
Issued: 1998

'86 Santa Replica
Item: #07305
Issued: 1996

Spring Time
Item: #07303
Issued: 1994

Willie the Conductor
Item: #07300
Issued: 1992
Studio quality music, graceful movements. These rare premier pieces may be purchased only by Collectors Society Members!
Clockpost Policeman
Item: #07448
Issued: 2001
Plays "You've Got A Friend"

Willie and Jumbo
Item: #07224
Issued: 1998
Plays "Be a Clown"

Willie the Entertainer
Item: #07199
Issued: 1996
Plays "The Entertainer"

Amazing Willie
Item: #07152
Issued: 1992
Plays "Stars And Stripes Forever"
Item: #07240
Issued: 1999
Plays "Beer Barrel Polka"
(Whistled Version)

Willie On Parade / Drum
Item: #07214
Issued: 1997
Plays "God Bless America"

Willie the Collector
Item: #07170
Issued: 1993
Plays "When The Saints Go Marching In"

To Purchase one of the MEMBERS ONLY figurines you must be a current member of the Melody In Motion Collectors Society. If you would like any of the past years figurines you must contact the Collectors Society and request a certificate.

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